Bixby Developers Chat

Project Voice Conference - Interviews #2

January 28, 2020 Viv Labs/Samsung Episode 4
Bixby Developers Chat
Project Voice Conference - Interviews #2
Show Notes

The Samsung Bixby team was at the Project Voice conference in Chattanooga Tennessee.

The conference was an incredible experience and a chance to meet, greet and work with fellow industry innovators.

Roger recorded 33 interviews with developers, designers, podcasters and all around voice gurus. Listen to hear their insights into where voice is and where it needs to go!

In this episode we hear from 8 voice leaders. Tomorrow we will release the last set of interviews which are not be be missed


Armel Beaudry - @armelbeaudry
Mark Tucker - @marktucker
Daniel Hill - @danielhillmedia
Braden Ream - @ReamBraden
Adva Levin - @PretzelVoice
Scot Westwater - @scotwestwater
Kane Simms - @kanesimms
Keri Roberts - @kerinroberts

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Roger Kibbe (@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Viv Labs/Samsung

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