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Games, Success and Voice with Sarah Andrew Wilson

August 03, 2020 Roger Kibbe and Sarah Andrew Wilson Episode 18
Bixby Developers Chat
Games, Success and Voice with Sarah Andrew Wilson
Show Notes

Show Notes:

In this episode, I talk with Sarah Andrew Wilson of Sarah is the CCO and part of the Matchbox founding team and an Alexa Champion. Matchbox has created some of the most successful voice experiences including Question of the Day, Riddle of the Day, Three Questions, and Kids Quiz. Late last year, Matchbox acquired Opearlo which added Find My Phone, Guess my name, and several other successful skills to their portfolio.

We discuss the founding of Matchbox and how it has grown. Sarah shares that one of the keys to Matchbox's success is a focus on content. 70% of the Matchbox employees work on content!

Sarah has a background as a professional flutist and music teacher. We discuss music and voice and how the intersection between the two is a huge opportunity right now.

Sarah talks extensively about what has driven success at Matchbox. A relentless focus on great content and listening to users has driven retention. A marketing mindset and the willingness to experiment, fail, and learn from failures has lead to acquisition. More recently Matchbox has been exploring the web and podcasts as outlets for both marketing and content.

We finish by discussing the future of voice. Why multimodal is hot right now and how the future will be "Star Trek" like.

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Guests: Sarah Andrew Wilson
Sarah Andrew Wilson is the COO and a member of the founding team of She is also an Alexa champion.

Roger Kibbe (@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Viv Labs/Samsung

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