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Podcast Tips, Tools and Voice with Carl Robinson

August 17, 2020 Roger Kibbe and Carl Robinson Episode 19
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Podcast Tips, Tools and Voice with Carl Robinson
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In this episode, Roger talks with Carl Robinson. Carl is the CEO of Rumble Studio, an innovative new tool for recording podcasts and audio content. Carl is also well known as the host of the Voice Tech Podcast and creator of

We discuss how Carl got involved in podcasting and what he has learned 70+ podcasts in. Carl gives some very valuable advice for both beginning podcasters and more experienced podcasters.

We then discuss Rumble Studio, the innovative new way to record podcasts and other audio content. Using Rumble Studio, the questions and answers (host and guest) can be recorded asynchronously. This podcast was recorded using Rumble Studio and I recorded all of the questions from my home office in Walnut Creek, California at my leisure. Carl recorded his answers from Paris, France at his leisure. Rumble studio takes care of the logistics and then stitching everything together at the end. It's truly a different way of creating audio content like podcasts.

We discuss the high costs/effort required to create quality audio content and how Rumble Studio was created to alleviate this problem. We also discuss how Rumble Studio unlocks creating short-form audio which can be recombined into new content and the exciting possibilities for web search engines to index audio content.

We finish by discussing the state of the voice industry. What is working right now and what needs improvement. And where voice can go.

Roger gives a short 2-minute review of Rumble Studio at the end of the podcast.

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Guests: Carl Robinson
Carl is the CEO of Rumble Studio and the host of the Voice Tech Podcast!

Roger Kibbe (@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Viv Labs/Samsung

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