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Sleep Sounds and Voice with Nick Schwab

August 31, 2020 Roger Kibbe and Nick Schwab Episode 20
Bixby Developers Chat
Sleep Sounds and Voice with Nick Schwab
Show Notes

In this episode, Roger talks with Nick Schwab. Nick is very well known for his Sleep Sounds voice experiences and is the founder and CEO of Sleep Jar/Invoked Apps.

We talk about Nick's early adventures with voice and how a noisy upstairs neighbor lead him to create sleep sounds for his personal use. He then released it to the skills store and then magic happened as it became and is today, one of the most successful voice experiences on Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Nick discusses how he comes up with new sounds and the critical importance of listening to customers and how one turns a complaint into a loyal customer.

Nick shares some of the tech considerations behind streaming petabytes of data monthly. Various audio formats are cached differently on different platforms and there is a science to optimizing this.

We have a broad discussion about success and challenges in voice. We discuss how critical marketing is and how the large voice platforms could open up marketing opportunities for 3rd party developers.

Nick gives his thoughts on the state of the voice industry, advancements that should happen in the short term, and shares his longer-term vision for where voice is going.

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Guests: Nick Schwab
Carl is the creator of the Sleep Sounds voice experiences and the founder and CEO of Sleep Jar

Roger Kibbe (@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Viv Labs/Samsung

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