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Voice and Podcasts with the Dynamic Duo: Kane Simms and Dustin Coates

September 14, 2020 Roger Kibbe, Kane Simms and Dustin Coates Episode 21
Bixby Developers Chat
Voice and Podcasts with the Dynamic Duo: Kane Simms and Dustin Coates
Show Notes

In this episode, Roger talks with Kane Simms and Dustin Coates. Kane and Dustin are most well know for their VUX World podcast (a must-listen) and are very accomplished voice pros!

We discuss how they got started in voice and what keeps them excited in voice and conversational AI.

Kane tells us how the VUX World podcast was created, how Dustin was added as the co-host and he reveals a surprising fact about him and Dustin.

Kane and Dustin talk about both success and challenges in podcasting. How do you pick guests? How do you keep your audience engaged? How has the VUX world podcast evolved over time,

Kane and Dustin give their advice for those getting into voice? What the opportunities are and how the best way to get started is simply starting e.g.jump in and create an experience!

Kane and Dustin share their wisdom on where the voice industry is, where it needs to grow to and they rub their crystal balls for their 5-10 year predictions for voice.

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Guests: Kane Simms and Dustin Coates
The dynamic duo of voice: Kane Simms and Dustin Coates

Host:Roger Kibbe
(@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Viv Labs/Samsung

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