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Voice Agencies, Education and Voice, and Star Trek with Daniel Mittendorf

September 28, 2020 Roger Kibbe and Daniel Mittendorf Episode 22
Bixby Developers Chat
Voice Agencies, Education and Voice, and Star Trek with Daniel Mittendorf
Show Notes

In this episode, Roger talks with Daniel Mittendorf. Daniel is an accomplished voice developer and both an Alexa Champion and a Bixby Premier Developer. He founded, a voice agency and recently joined Beyto Agency as the CTO.

We discuss how Daniel got involved in voice and how he has gone from building his first voice experience (Stream Player which has been very successful) to many more including his latest which lets you book movie tickets using voice!

We both agree that Star Trek had a lot to do with us working in technology and our interest in voice!

We discuss Daniel creating his own voice agency, Digivoice. We also discuss the merger of Digivoice and Beyto, the what and the why.

Daniel talks about creating LEVOOBA which is focused on creating educational voice experiences including a real-time multiplayer game that allows students in the same class to compete with each other. We discuss how voice can be a big unlock for education.

Daniel shares his process from prototyping to actual development to building a voice experience. He shares how the release is just the start, successful experiences require constant iteration and listening to user feedback.

Daniel shares what he has done to successfully market his voice experiences. Using Facebook groups has been very successful in gaining a following and getting valuable user feedback.

We discuss the opportunities for Bixby and the opportunities for the voice industry as a whole both in the short term and in the 5-10 year horizon.

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Guest: Daniel Mittendorf
Accomplished and prolific voice developer, Daniel Mittendorf shares his thoughts on voice

Host: Roger Kibbe
(@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Viv Labs/Samsung

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