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Open Voice Network with Jon Stine - Episode 33

April 27, 2021 Jon Stine Episode 33
Bixby Developers Chat
Open Voice Network with Jon Stine - Episode 33
Show Notes

In this episode, Roger talks with Jon Stine. Jon is the executive director and founder of the Open Voice Network. The Open Voice Network (OVN) is working to advocate for an open voice ecosystem and bring technical standards to voice

Jon has a deep background in retail technology and strategy. Prior to founding OVN, John worked for many years at Intel and Cisco on retail technology strategy.

Jon and Roger discuss:

  • Jon's first experience with voice assistants and how he came to realize they can revolutionize how we communicate with technology
  • Jon and Roger's mutual background in retail tech/retail strategy
  • Tech is only as good as the value it brings
  • The opportunities and challenges for voice in retail
  • Behavioral science and retail and where voice plays a role
  • How to avoid voice being the next shiny penny (think RFID) for retailers
  • How we are in a post Turing test world
  • How voice enables listening - listening both to the words but also the emotional state of your customers
  • Voice and the retail funnel - where we are now, where we can go
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of only measuring conversion or overly relying upon conversion as the sole important metric in a single channel/using a single technology
  • What OVN is
  • Three primary OVN efforts
    • Interoperability
    • Discoverability and a "DNS for voice"
    • Privacy and Security
  • Who can get involved with OVN
  • The opportunity for voice on non voice-first devices (TV's, Phones, Appliances, Watches etc)
  • Jon's hidden gem voice experience
  • Jon's predictions for voice in the 1, 5 and 10 year time frames
  • Why YOU should get involved with OVN

Links from the Show
Open Voice Network -
OVN Voice Interoperability Event (June 15-17th) -

Keeping in Touch
Jon on LinkedIn -
Jon on Twitter - @joncstine1
OVN on Twitter - openvoicenet

Host: Roger Kibbe
(@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Samsung

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