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Speechly with Otto Söderlund - Episode 35

June 08, 2021 Viv Labs/Samsung Episode 35
Bixby Developers Chat
Speechly with Otto Söderlund - Episode 35
Show Notes

In this episode, Roger talks with Otto Söderlund. Otto is the CEO and co-founder of Speechly. Speechly is voice enabling mobile apps, the web, and more with its speech tools and framework.

Otto and Roger discuss:

  • Our shared early computing experiences
  • Otto's career path prior to Speechly
  • Early experiences with voice
  • The founding of Speechly
  • What Speechly does and why it is different
  • Speechly's tech which combines ASR and NLU to provide not only performance gains but also better understanding. Why combining these provides an advantage
  • The responsibility of technologists and AI to free us from needing to learn the tech and to humanize our technology
  • Speechly and eCommerce
  • Multimodality
  • The opportunities for voice in B2B/Business
  • The huge workforce that benefits from tech but also benefits from tech getting out of the way and how voice is an enabler.
  • Why the "Angry Birds" of voice is likely a business application
  • The opportunities for voice
  • Otto's favorite voice experience
  • Otto's short terms and long term prediction. Why the voice industry will go away and that's a good thing

Links from the Show
Speechly -
Speechly demo of using voice for eCommerce search -
Getting started with Speechly -

Keeping in Touch
Otto on LinkedIn -
Otto on Twitter -@OttoSoderlund
Speechly on Twitter - @SpeechlyAPI

Host: Roger Kibbe
(@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Samsung

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