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Hearables and the Future with Dave Kemp - Episode 37

August 02, 2021 Dave Kemp Episode 37
Bixby Developers Chat
Hearables and the Future with Dave Kemp - Episode 37
Show Notes

In this episode, Roger talks with Dave Kemp. Dave runs business development for Oaktree Products but is most well known for his Future Ear podcast and his thought leadership around hearables and voice

Dave and Roger discuss

  • Dave's Background and the founding of Oaktree Products
  • How a hearing aid components company and Dave got involved with voice
  • Dave's early experiences with voice and the synergy he saw between Oaktree's business and voice
  • The massive opportunity for voice and older adults
  • Why the industry hasn't figured out this massive opportunity
  • How wear all the time devices like hearing aids open up new opportunities to think about where and how we can use voice
  • The post-phone era
  • Airpods, earpods, etc, and the innovation we are seeing
  • Ambient computing
  • Hearing augmentation and consumer devices. 
  • Podcasting - how and why Dave started Future Ear Radio
  • The joys of podcasting and advice for those starting out as podcasters
  • The secret networking tool that podcasting is
  • Dave's 2nd podcast, This Week in Hearing
  • The interesting model behind This Week in Hearing
  • Dave's business idea: Golf + Voice
  • Dave predictions for the short and long term

Links from the Show
Oaktree Products -
Future Ear Radio Podcast and Blog -
This Week in Hearing podcast -

Keeping in Touch
Dave on LinkedIn -
Dave on Twitter -@Oaktree_Dave
Dave's Blog -
Future Ear Radio on Twitter - @FuturEar_Radio
This Week in Hearing on Twitter - @WeekinHearing

Host: Roger Kibbe
(@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Samsung

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