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GPT-3 and the Future of Voice with Steve Tingiris - Episode 40

October 04, 2021 Viv Labs/Samsung Episode 40
Bixby Developers Chat
GPT-3 and the Future of Voice with Steve Tingiris - Episode 40
Show Notes

In this episode, Roger talks with Steve Tingiris, the CEO of Dabble Lab. Steve is an expert in voice development and has just published a book about using OpenAI's GPT-3

Roger and Steve discuss

  • Steve's first experience with voice and how he started developing for it
  • Steve's ambitious first Alexa skill
  • What Steve's company, Dabble Lab does
  • The opportunities in B2B and contact centers
  • Steve's love for creating tutorials
  • What GPT-3 is
  • What GPT-3 is good at and an example GPT-3 based skill - Improv Partner
  • How Improv Partner uses GPT-3 to content filter itself
  • The challenges of using language models like GPT-3
  • What GPT-3 isn't good at
  • Codex and Copilot - Programming tools that will revolutionize developing software
  • Using the right tools for the right job when developing
  • How long Steve will be programming? Will he be programming in his 80's?
  • Steve's hidden gem - something voice is very good at that too few people use
  • Steve's short term and long term predictions
  • Keeping in touch

Links from the Show
Dabble Lab -
Open AI (GPT-3) -
Exploring GPT-3 (Steve's GPT-3 book) -
Improv Partner (Alexa Skill) -

Keeping in Touch
Steve on Twitter - @tingiris
Dabble Lab on Twitter - @dabblelab
Steve on LinkedIn -

Host: Roger Kibbe
(@rogerkibbe) is a senior developer evangelist for Samsung

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